Making decisions

I settled on a job today. I chose to continue down the consulting path and see where that takes me.

While I was declining the other offer, it struck me how reticent I am to make large decisions like this. It's something akin to buyer's remorse, only, buyer's remorse is a bit sillier because you can always just return whatever it is that you bought (unless it's food, but those are relatively smaller purchases). A decision like this is a bit bigger. Much like the college that you go to, it's something that's going to define you and your path as time goes on. This means the magnitude of the mistake can be that much larger.

I don't think that I made a mistake though. Fundamentally, I like the place that I'm going and I like the work that I will be doing. If I find out that I've made a mistake, there are some reasonably good exit options. I think the biggest thing is that I like the people there, at least from the few I've met. For me, that's always been big.

Am I curious about what would have happened if I'd taken the other job? Absolutely. Will I look back on this day and wonder if I did the right thing? Sure. Will I come to regret this moment? I don't think so. And if I do, at least I'll learn something from it.



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