On yellowness

"I think the reason that Sprint and Nextel are failing is because of the yellow."

This is a real quote, coming from the mouth of a person that is influencing a major corporation's acquisition strategy.

At first blush, I'm inclined to dismiss this as utter sillyness. When people are trying to choose between various phones and service plans, do they really care about the corporate color? Is Cingular's orange really so much cooler?

Well, maybe. Branding works in strange and mysterious ways, which are mostly incomprehensible to me. I will say this though. T-mobile turns me off with its pinkness. I defend this sentiment by thinking about how any T-mobile phone that I purchase will have a pink little logo on it, adding a feminine touch to even the most masculine of phones. Being the insecure person that I am, this means something to me.

So something is probably wrong with yellow too. Cingular is playing it safe with a tasty looking orange. I have no idea what Verizon's chosen color is - maybe the red that's in their little check mark thing?

Anyway, this can't be very interesting for anyone to read. I'll come back with something more intelligent later.



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