Blogs and lifespans

I'm curious about the average life of a blog. My guess is that there are probably a few categories.


These are mostly jackasses that take up all the good names and then never do anything with them. I remember them quite distinctly. It took me forever to find a name for my blog, primarily because all the good names were taken. Of all the blogs in this category, I've only found one to be of any interest at all. Got to love a guy that faces down his critics. Even if he is a lying poo face.


I've ran across a few of these. My friend Thomas falls into this category. Lee Tyler, a guy that I sort of knew on the periphery in high school also gets a nod. I'm sure that research would turn up some more., one of the sites that I was gunning for, also had a run of about a year. I'd include the ever-interesting Reasoner here, but atari keeps on posting and fucking up the categories.


We're all aware of these ones. The boingboing's and the drudge report's and the dailykos that everyone is always reading and citing. Bah, fooey to all of these people that seem to have caught the imagination of the public.


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