Book to iPod cozy

Book to iPod cozy
Originally uploaded by izatchu.
Some people like to write witty political commentary. Others like to share their own personal stories. Me, I'm happy just to integrate my blog to other Web 2.0 appliances, so in case I ever find neat content to blog about, I can do it without too much effort.

Well, my blog is now linked to flickr. Yippee! As my first flickr-linked post, I'm putting in a photo of a nifty, DIY iPod case, which I first saw here. This may very well turn into a project for me over Christmas, so if you get a book-shaped present from me, it's probably because I f***'ed up making one of these suckers and thought you'd like to have one.

Lifehacker also posted directions for making this puppy some time ago, which can be found here for those that want to save me the trouble of ruining a bunch of my girlfriend's hardcovers (shh, don't tell her).



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