Time, time, time

Holy cheez-doodles, it's been two whole weeks since I've posted anything!

Honestly, I don't know how these other bloggers do it. Phonelesscord is pumping out around two-three humorous yet insightful posts a day. ifyougiveacowamoo, who recently nagged at me for not writing anything, has put out two whole posts in about a month. The last time I wrote anything was at the very beginning of the month, when I plip-plopped out a whole three posts in a day's time.

I think the secret is not giving a damn if anyone sees you writing your posts. The last two weeks have been super-busy for me - i.e. staying at work until 11-12 at night - but I'm sure I could've cranked out a paragraph or two if I hadn't been so nervous about people looking over my shoulder and seeing me be unproductive.

I think the big problem is that once you start not writing, the list of things to write about starts building up. To date, I have yet to make any comment on the Democrats taking over Congress, Borat being sued by drunken frat-boys and Romanian villagers alike (isn't eating a hairy scrotum enough punishment?), or my own recent conversion to Southern Baptist-inspired social conservatism. My theory is that the size of my list is directly correlated with my feelings of resignation, especially since each of these posts ends up being 4x longer than originally intended.

So, that was my feeble stab at writing something. I'll make another go of it soon, I promise. I am also willing to bet about $50 that I will be writing another "OhmygodIhaven'twritteninweeks" post sometime within the next few months, after which I will wash my hands of self-inflicted guilt and say "Screw it, it's not like anyone's reading this anyway."


  1. phonelesscord said...

    you are right, the key is posting at work. luckily i am situated in a cubicle where i can always see people coming so i can blog all day long and the rapid typing sounds very business-like. meanwhile, i want to hear about your alleged social conservativism. spooky!  

  2. - ! - said...

    In case anyone is reading this that doesn't know who I am, I'm not actually a social conservative.  


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