Things that boys are made of

Happy Holidays, etc. Here are some recent happenings in my life.

Yesterday, I watched a spider murder an entangled bee. It was the closest thing that I had to a television at that point, since the power was down. In fact, it was so enthralling that I videotaped the bee's last three minutes. The spider, which is roughly 1/3rd of the bee's size, just goes right up and ninja kicks the bee all over the place. It's kind of crazy. I'll post a video when I can.

Lee called me last night. She was pseudo-freaking out because there was a spider on her ceiling. After ten minutes of instruction on how to use a rolled up newspaper to capture/squish the aforementioned spider, she promptly hung up and had her dad do it.

This morning, when I came back to my apartment, I looked out my sliding door and saw the bloated corpse of a mouse. It looks like it froze to death outside. This is the second mouse that's died in my back yard and it's starting to give me the heebie jeebies. I still haven't brought myself to the point where I want to go pick it up and throw it away. The worst part is my tacit understanding of the fact that the longer it stays out there, the more putrid it gets. Sigh.

Update: There's nothing worse than having to remove a fat, squishy, shiny corpse that's been sitting around so long that it's actually stuck to the ground.



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