Attentive readers have probably noticed that my articles tend to reference the NYTimes, the Wall Street Journal, or other blogs. I don't, however, reference CNN that frequently. Why is this, you ask? Because CNN tends to be full of crap articles. While they certainly make sure to run stories on all the big stories, they tend to dilute that flow with a bunch of human-interest stories - which I tend to view as crap.

A (biased) sampling of articles looks like this:
* Frat brothers jailed for paddling pledge
* Model Niki Taylor: I was slandered by E! show
* Overly ambitious eagle knocks out power
* Cats lose visiting privileges at women's prison
* Angelina Jolie's mother dies
* Mountain lion victim may need more surgery

While a good chunk of these stories may be interesting, it's really a stretch to call any of these things news. Considering that CNN has global reach, you would think that they'd focus on stories with a bit more import. Who the hell cares about a mountain lion victim and his surgery? Anyway, that's my beef.

Now that I'm done bitching about how retarded CNN is, here's an article that they just wrote on postsecret. For those of you not in the know, postsecret publishes secret-bearing postcards that have been sent in from all over the place. Some of the secrets are funny, some of them are sad. It's all pretty interesting. Take a look.



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