Dead Mice: Update


There are now four dead mice outside of my apartment. If I find eight of them on my next observation, I'll have the beginning of an exponential curve going.


  1. Pudge said...

    Ew. Totally never going to your apartment again.  

  2. megan said...

    Ha! Aren't you going to get rid of them? Think of all the bacteria! This would make a good Seinfeld episode.  

  3. - ! - said...

    I'd like to actually catch one before it dies and do this to them. I figure I can use the existing ones as bait. Hideously gross bait.

    To see what this means, go to:  

  4. - ! - said...

    Whoops. That link was supposed to be:  

  5. megan said...

    That article is sad. We should be using robots, not animals. I think using dogs as guides for epileptic patients is a good idea, though. They can actually sense when an attack is imminent and alert the person. Teach a computer to do that.  


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