Shout out to my friends

After college, some of us do things that don't readily lend themselves to conversation. For instance, were any of you to ask me what I'm up to these days, I would tell you that I've been hanging out at the office until around 10 or 11 each day, trying to forecast profits for financial product X, the workings of which would surely be of little interest to any of you. I could certainly talk the job up a lot - from a bird's eye view, it's actually sounds kind of interesting - but that wouldn't tell you anything about what's actually going on in my life.

My friend AKA Media System does not seem to have that problem. Several months ago, he dropped his job in New York and shipped out to Boston. Now, he's "questionably leading" a team at Ambient Devices. More importantly, he's doing his own stuff on his own time and is getting crazy-looking pictures put up in blogs.

If you don't follow the link, it basically discusses how he took a pair of giant green Hulk hands (i.e. big-ass gloves that make threatening Hulk noises when you punch something), soldered a bunch of wires and got them to work as inputs for his drum machines (I've doubtlessly mangled the description, but you get the idea). Other things that he's re-wired include a Boo-bah (which unfortunately had its head ripped off in the process) and a toy cake.

Anyway, my point is this. He's doing something that he enjoys on his own time. I'm envious.



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