Citysearch update

I sent a version of my post to the New York editor at Citysearch. Here's the response I got:

Thanks so much for your thoughtful and helpful feedback. We love hearing from the site's users. You're right, this first phase of changes was largely cosmetic (however, we happen to think that's important to). And we're going to be implementing more changes over the coming months, many of which address your concerns about usability and community.

One thing that may help you in regards to searching around a location. If you know of a business near where you are, you can go to that business' page on our site and then scroll down to the bottom left of the screen, where you'll see something that says "what's nearby"--click on one of the business types (restaurant, bar, etc), and you'll see a map of businesses around that initial location. Not perfect, but hopefully it helps.

-Erin Behan
Senior Editor, New York

It's nice receiving personalized responses. It's also good to hear that they're not sitting around idly. Maybe they'll do something interesting soon.


  1. Swankadank said...

    Can I call it a comeback yet?  


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