One more thing

One more thing: Every so often, I check feedburner to see where people are coming from. Check out these phrases that actually got people here:

1. "dog pain"
2. "in how many days does a chicken have their eggs"
3. "how tall am i going to be in the future"
4. "do not eat pig and chicken"

Now, I sort of get the associations, but these are still really weird. If I Google any of these phrases, a link to my blog is nowhere near the top of the list. So how are these people getting here?


  1. phonelesscord said...

    uhm yeah. today i got

    "do not get an MFA"
    "i am sick of living in a diverse neighborhood"
    "feline bulimia"
    "how much air does a human being need to survive in space?"

    this interwebnet is a mysterious place...  


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