New Format

I'm trying out a new format. It gives me a little bit more space to write and post pictures, so I'm hoping it'll work out. It also gives me a chance to play with the new blogger template customization schemes, which seem like they might be kind of cool.

It seems like the template that I picked up is a little quirky though, so let me know if anything is messing up big-time.


  1. Pudge said...

    I like it. Except there are no pictures of my hidden face. Sigh.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    this is good, but the contrast btwn your title color/font and the background should be increased a bit. Maybe use a different one?

    and no blogroll! did you know you were 80% of my referrals?

  3. Panda said...

    Ha, cute pictures. Where did you find those?

    I'm currently messing around and learning a bit about CSS and XML. Updates as soon as I understand how this template thing works.  


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