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Since Google's acquisition of feedburner, it's gotten a lot easier to get high quality tracking stats for these pages. Interestingly enough, traffic to this page has gone up pretty significantly with the primary season, with the largest influx coming in on Super Tuesday.

Mind you, these aren't people that are actually interested in what I have to say. As anyone that's been following this page knows, my posting frequency has taken a swan dive off the edge of a cliff over the last few months, and is only now starting to resurface. The bulk of all my traffic is coming from searches.

What is it that people are searching for? Apparently, this article. The searches leading to it are for:

Traffic SourceVisitsTrend

I did a quick check on Google to see just how easy it would be to actually find my site using any of those sources. Basically, the only way is to find me on the 3rd page of the image search, which yields a thumbnail not of Obama smoking, but of the Panda avatar in the upper right corner. So, considering that the clickthrough rate for that particular link must be incredibly low, that's got to mean that there are a ton of people searching for pictures of Obama lighting up.

Yet another indicator of our cultural health.



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