Son of Super Tuesday

At this point, it sounds like the MSM is going to say that Hillary Clinton has staged an amazing comeback and we're now looking at a real contest again.

To that, I would say that the MSM really needs to stop covering this election. Nothing that's happened today contradicts any of the poll data that's been publicized on a daily basis for the last few weeks. It's just silly for anyone to say that today is a huge upset, or a huge swing in momentum, when the fact is that today's outcome has essentially been forecast for quite some time.

At this point, I'm just tired of all the attention being paid to the primaries. If they drag this out to July, as Hillary indicated that she would, then I may seriously start skipping over all related articles from now on.

Cute quote from CNN: "Hillary Clinton's won sort of a pyrrhic victory. Obama is the hope and inspiration of the Democratic party, and even for some Republicans. Going negative on him is sort of like killing Santa in front of the kids."



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