Television: Guys and girls

The following television shows make me want to put a hole in my head.

* Grey's Anatomy
* The Hills
* The Real World
* Desperate Housewives
* Etc.

There are some common threads running through these shows. The first and most obvious is that these shows focus on women. I don't think that this is the reason I hate them, but it's probably related.

The second and more relevant is that their stories focus excessively on the details of romantic relationships. With the fictional shows, these romantic relationships frequently become highly incestuous, with the end result being that everybody will, at some point, sleep with everybody else.

The third is that the characters in these shows tend to be extremely self-absorbed, to the point of total absurdity. The reality shows, in particular, tend to latch onto the more ridiculous ones and air as many minutes of their absurd behavior as possible. Even though not all of the people/characters are ridiculous, the fact that I would try to avoid most of these people in real life speaks volumes to me.

I happen to be sitting through a marathon session of these shows right now. I'm praying that the pain will be over soon.

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