Gas mileage

I don't think there are many people reading this blog that actually drive, but for those of you that do, you should check out the following link on How to Get Better Gas Mileage. I wouldn't say that any of the content is particularly earth shattering, but it's interesting to see everything all in one place. Here's a quick sample:

Watch Your Speed

Monitor Tire Pressure

    • One simple thing that you can do in order to improve fuel efficiency is to always keep your tires inflated to the correct level. Tires that are low on air are harder to roll and require more work from your engine and more gas consumption[3]. Make sure that you check your car's tire pressure every time you fuel up (most gas stations have an air pump that customers can use). If you're unsure about how much air to put in your tires, check the owner's manual to find out the recommended psi for your specific vehicle.
Apologies for the crap formatting, Mahalo apparently isn't very good for the cut/paste.

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