Some people says that the best part of any blog post is the comments section. Without any further ado, here are some of the comments from an NYTimes (cherry-picked, not necessarily representative) on the Obama-Clinton meetup at Unity, NH:

Ho-Hum, somebody wake me when this nonsense is over. As a Hillary Democrat, I am disgusted with the party leaders, the super delegates, and the arrogance of the party’s annointed one. Hey, Hillary won the popular vote, did she not? This party now is devoid of experience, record of accomplishment, and trust of mainstream Americans. Joe Biden has tried to save this ticket by agreeing to be VP to plug the gap on the national security issue. But, how many plugs will be needed to cover all the issues. And, what if these plugs all fail; who is then accountable since there is no one of worth at the top of the ticket.

— Posted by benvictor

The view from unity is horrible. I want Obama supporters to beg me for my vote. No, I want them to crawl to me and beg. The chance for a female president was stolen for me. I will never see it in my lifetime now because of you Obama supporters. No unity now. No unity ever!

Are you with me girls?


— Posted by sophie

I’m with you, Sophie, but please don’t refer to us as “girls.” And I’m sure you don’t want others to assume that we are not voting for Obama simply because the nomination was unfairly snatched from Senator Clinton and she was treated like an ugly stepsister by the press and worse by the Obama fans. The issues we had with Obama before the nomination have not changed since he was crowned and the anger only adds to those reasons we will not vote for him. That is our unity.

— Posted by Judy Kilgore

I don’t want the Obama supporters to beg for our vote. All the begging in the world wouldn’t get my vote. I cannot stand Obama. I don’t care if his “stolen” views are “similar” to Clintons. Open up your eyes people he can’t make it without her. Even Clinton can’t save him now.

— Posted by Anita

There won’t be a female President probably in the lifetimes of anyone who can vote today. There simply aren’t that many women coming up in politics to begin with, and aside from Sen Clinton, likely there are none with the personality dynamics needed for someone to pursue and succeed in the position. She is truly one of a kind.

This won’t change until how girls are raised changes. That’s barely beginning to happen.

It saddens me to no end to know I will never see a President who looks like me, with the understandings and perspectives only someone born female could have. This country sorely needs that. My voice has been silenced. Don’t expect me to accept that.

— Posted by Canary in coalmine

I hope the snarky Harvard lawyer will manage not to act condescending to Senate Clinton. She is the best candidate and most powerful woman in politics today. Her husband was the greatest president of my lifetime. Obama has slandered them both repeatedly. Let’s see if he can get through this rally without saying something completely sexist and awful. It’s pretty long odds, but we can hope.

— Posted by steve pesce

Real people or Republic forum trolls?

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