Oddly personal note

Pudge is gone for a bit. She's off on vacation with her family for about a month and will be off to HBS afer that. Her being gone has allowed me to do certain things - play Rock Band, stay up really late, eat unhealthily and irregularly - but at the same time, it's strange not having anyone around. Watching TV now feels like a depressing and loserish activity. If it wasn't for the fact that the kids on South Park are now my imaginary best friends, I would probably have to give it up.

In my spare time, I am trying to convert myself from a wad of banana pancake mix into an healthy-looking human being. I am also trying to work up the will to learn things for my personal betterment, but that's not going so well. In any case, I am hoping that this terribly depressing experience will soon reveal itself to be nothing more than an exercise in character development.

Random quote from the Daily Show:
"If there's a can of whup-ass out here, I'm going to open it." - Brian Williams, possibly the best recurring guest ever

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