I bet no one actually pays attention to this one

Conference at Princeton on the current economic crisis. It's over an hour long though, so I will be amazed if anyone actually watches this. Hat tip to Paul Krugman.

Pretty good stuff, although none of it will be particularly new if you've kept up on your econblog reading. Harrison Hong in fact comes off as being overly simplistic in places. Unfortunately, Alan Blinder's segment gets cut, which is a shame.

There's one part of this which is good, where a student(?) at the end asks whether or not the money for the Paulson plan would be better spent bailing out those with delinquent mortgages, rather than the banks holding onto the paper. My dad actually posed this question to me months ago, and it struck me as being eminently reasonable, except perhaps for the administrative costs. Alan Blinder doesn't seem to disagree.

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