The debate

So, I watched the debate, was pretty unimpressed with both sides. Lots of evasion of answers, everything was pretty much a talking point, blah blah blah.

I was however, very curious about how people thought the debate went. So I headed over to the WSJ and waited for their poll to start up. It came up at about 10:45. I voted for neither. When I looked at the results, there were about 60 votes, with about 70% in the Obama camp.

Being interested in how things would play out, I sat there and just kept on hitting refresh on the poll data. At about 10:49, there were about 85 total votes, with McCain having a total of 10. Within less than a minute, McCain had over 1000 votes. It's now 10:53, and McCain has 5817 votes in his favor (93.3%), to Obama's 404. Oops, now it's at 6571 for McCain. And now it's 7038. And now it's 7523. (It's been about 40 seconds)

Now it's 10:55 and McCain has 8940 votes.

I hope whoever is spamming the survey understands that manipulating poll data doesn't actually make someone win a debate.

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