A more serious one

Election season is basically upon us already. Which means that everybody in the world is suddenly going to become super politically opinionated about things that they really couldn't give a crap about during the quiet part of the cycle. I've already gotten embroiled in discussions about taxes and I'm like, why?

I think the most tiresome part about the election season is that everyone suddenly becomes so certain about what is right for the country and really upset about how stupid everyone that disagrees with them is. If it was all so simple, then why is it so difficult to persuade people of the proper course of action? Why is it that our nation's leading economists, who all ostensibly have really awesome degrees and a bazillion years of education, can't really agree on what to do?

My guess? Shit's complicated. The least we can do is acknowledge that fact, acknowledge that finding an answer will involve a serious discussion, and acknowledge the possibility that we might be wrong/not know everything. Oi, I sound so preachy. Pet peeve vented.

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