Movie sighting

I just saw Talladega Nights with Lee over the weekend. It was really good. Normally, I have to see a Fratpack movie twice before I really start to like it (Zoolander, Dodgeball, Old School). Not so with this movie.

Couple possible reasons:
a) I saw it in a theater. There might have been a laughtrack type of effect goading me on.
b) Maybe I like Will Ferrell. I thought Anchorman was ok, if dumb.
c) This movie didn't have Ben Stiller or Vince Vaughn in it. I find their characters always take a bit of getting used to.

A lot of people talk about the constant product placement in this movie. I'm pretty sure it's a joke. Shake and bake, biotch.

Anyway. It was a fine movie. I think Fratpack movies are actually kind of interesting as a social phenomenon. Anecdotally, it just seems as if a lot of people have had to watch them multiple times before they started liking them. The fact that they even got to that point is pretty interesting. It's not like people really watched the third Matrix movie multiple times just to see if there was some sort of hidden awesomeness to it. People that didn't like Superman probably aren't going to change their minds by seeing it a second time. But somehow, these movies continually get people to come back and revise their opinions.

My guess is that it has something to do with the brand of comedy. It treads a finicky line between absurd stupidity and subtlety. The first time you see Zoolander, you might think that whole segment with David Duchovny in the graveyard might strike you as being lame, cashing in on Duchovny's X-files cachet and improperly mixing it with a retarded comedy. But maybe the second time you see it, it might be funny. Or maybe the second time you see it, it's because your friends have repeatedly told you a million times how funny it is, and you're going into it predisposed towards thinking that it actually is funny and you just happened to have missed something when you saw it the first time. Who knows.



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