Working Stiff

I just ran across this blog - ephemeral-deliberations - and it's all about a guy at Haas that's currently going through an internship and doesn't get any sleep.  Actually, there seems to be a couple recurring themes:

a) Not getting enough sleep
b) Count-down until his job is over
c) Eating
d) Laundry trouble, lack of socks/underwear (I feel that one)
e) Wishing he was outside, but also enjoying his job

I feel bad for the guy and everything but the thing that gets me is that he's constantly updating the world about how he's not sleeping!  If you were at 44 hours of wakefulness, 4 shy of being awake for two full days, would you really care about posting to your blog?

I'm guessing that it's a way of venting - constantly telling people about how little sleep you're getting must be a major downer for your friends.

I'm also curious about whether San Francisco has wash and fold services, cause it sounds like that guy could use one.



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