New Look

So, I just redid the template - i.e. stole a template from another website and then modified it to fit my needs. There's still some stuff that I want to do though.

First, I want to modify the sidebar a bit, basically make it wider so the books section (that I added myself) doesn't look so cramped.

Second, I want to create a flickr account (with a Shozu uplink from my phone, how cool is that!) and modify the flickr badge on the side.

Third, I might put the javascript back in. It originally made it so that the sidebar was collapsible, but not quite in the way I wanted it to be. Basically, you could only have one section open at a time, which was silly. If I could get it so things opened and stayed open until you clicked on the heading again, then I would keep it. Of course, I really don't know much/anything about javascript so this is sort of a moot point.

Fourth, maybe add a blogroll.

Fifth, I need to get a readership for this sucker. For real.


  1. Pudge said...


  2. thomas said...

    the template looks good- you need to enable one-click commenting somehow. seriously, having to click twice through is frikkin' annoying.

    one way to increase readership is to comment on other people's blogs and then link to them from your own. generally that gets a link back. try to get blogs that are in the same vein as yours, although getting jandrews to link to you would do faaaar more for your readership than getting... i don't know, someone else to do so?  

  3. Bruce Wayne said...

    For some reason, I can't publish to this blog anymore. I'll write something else once I find an address.  


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