Colbert, Wexler, and Geraldo

The following is a set of clips that I found interesting. The first is an interview that Stephen Colbert had with Rep. Wexler from Florida.

Harmless, right? Here's what comes next:

Knowing what my readership is like, I'm sure many of you will be scratching your heads at some of what went on there. Why is The Daily Show "snotty"? What was it that Wexler did not see coming? And since when is Geraldo the arbiter of what is cool/funny? What is Geraldo's deal?

Exhibit A (August 9, 2006):

Ouch. Why did he say that? Well...
Exhibit B (June 6, 2006):

Ah, case closed. A wounded man defending his pride the only way he knows - by trying to ward politicians away from the show of the man that insulted him.

Well, what about Wexler? For what it's worth, here's Colbert's response, albeit to people from the morning news:

A round of applause for Stephen Colbert.



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