Random note

I have a big problem with finishing my posts. They're all really long and end up being kind of boring. In fact, they're so boring that by the time I've reached the 80%-completion point, I'm too bored to finish writing them. They start becoming like a phone call that's taking up too long, but you're too polite to tell the other person to stop yapping about how their pear tastes and let you go.

The problem with not finishing your posts is that some of them are time sensitive. The post that I just posted says something like, "I haven't posted anything in a while, I feel bad, blah blah blah." Of course, I posted a bunch of Colbert clips within the last week or so. But when I started writing the last post, that was clearly not the case.

Anyway, I think that trying to write down my serious thoughts might be too time-consuming. Maybe I'll switch over to fluffier topics like, "I've eaten at the same Japanese restaurant at the same time (10:45pm) for the past three days and they all think that I'm Japanese." This would be a bonus, because then I could start going at all of those thoughts that are only one line long, yet still equally pressing in my mind, e.g. I have to stop drinking alcohol - beer in particular - because it makes me really gassy on the following day and will probably end up getting me fired.

I wonder if Kant ever had this problem while he was writing his critiques. Oh well.



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