I think it says a lot that the most damaging thing to happen to the Republican party's chances for re-taking the House are not:

a) Initiating the war on Iraq
b) Lying to the American public about the reasons for going into Iraq
c) Totally bungling the rebuilding of Iraq at the cost of thousands of lives and billions of dollars
d) Huge mismanagement of fiscal policy, leading to a huge ramp-up in federal debt
e) Utter mismanagement of Hurricane Katrina

Instead, the thing that is probably going to get them is the fact that one of their representatives sent dirty text messages to a Congressional page.

Honestly. What the f***.

I know, there's a lot there. Incredible hypocrisy on their part, abuse of power for pedophilic purposes, gross gross gross, etc. But in terms of the actual costs to the nation, how does this even remotely compare to any of the other things I just mentioned?

The voting public is craaaazy.


  1. Lee said...

    Although, there has been evidence that people don't blame the Republican party at all, and that it is just media hype.

    The NY Times polled people in Evangelical strongholds - like Southeast Virginia- and found the in some cases they blamed the Democrats more (they are "more tolerant of the 'homosexual lifestyle")  


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