Wii want a masseuse

In keeping with my "follow-the-herd" mentality, here's a link to the WSJ's most blogged article, from Jamin Warren. The main point, as paraphrased by me, is that Americans are so horribly out of shape that they are managing to hurt themselves while playing Nintendo's new video game console, the homosexually named Wii (note that this system is about two phalluses hanging out together). As Jamin puts it, "They're reporting aching backs, sore shoulders -- even something some have dubbed 'Wii elbow.'"

Here's another select anecdote: Ryan Mercer, a customs broker in Indianapolis, lifts weights several times a week. But that hasn't helped much with the Wii. After playing the boxing game for an hour and a half, his arms, shoulders and torso were aching. "I was soaking wet with sweat, head to toe -- I had to go take a shower," he says. And the next morning? "I had trouble putting my shirt on," says the 21-year-old avid gamer.

There's a part of me that wants to laugh at all of these poorly-conditioned masses that can't handle waving a stick in the air for an hour without hurting themselves. Then I remember that I have a desk job, I get no regular exercise, and my favorite recreational activity, when possible, is aggressive spooning ("Spoon or be spooned!"). I had a runny nose and watery eyes for most of Thanksgiving because my fleece got covered in dog-hair, to which I'm mildly allergic. And I like video games (sigh).

So, instead of casting stones, I think I'll start shoring up the walls of my glass house.
Additional note: People at work have also commented on being hurt by their Wii's.


  1. yoriq said...

    since the word is japanese, the plural should just be 'wii' without the 's' at the end. stop screwing up.

    also, go check out the comments on my latest blog post. someone really hates me.  


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