Oddly enough, I have two posts on science and religion sitting in my draft list. They're both boring and not particularly original. I'll post them eventually, but at a time when they won't really be noticed by anyone that bothers to look at this stuff.

I've been playing around with I know, I know, it's really old. I've probably had my account for over a year, but never did anything with it. I'm playing with it now.

It's neat and oddly compelling. If you've been swept up by the Web 2.0 desire to have every part of your life aggregated and tagged on the Internet, then the appeal will be obvious. For everyone else, I'd say that the neatness comes from having a quick/easy way to bookmark anything and everything that comes across your path. There are so many awesome websites that we come across on a daily basis - now you can save them for perpetuity and not have to worry about clogging up your bookmark bar.

If my bookmarks are any indication, I seem to think that the coolest things on the web are do-it-yourself posts, blogs about various web 2.0 crap, and cooking sites. I seriously thought I would be more interesting than that, but apparently not.

The other thing about is that it allows you to peruse other people's bookmarks. For instance, I've been checking out some of the ones posted by AKA. He has many interesting things.

My one comment is that it would be great if you could figure out which sites are one-offs and which ones are truly, incredibly interesting. You can do this to some extent by checking the link-count. But it would be good if, for each person, I could tell which of these sites they visited frequently and which sites they spent a lot of time at. Unfortunately, that would probably take a level of data-collection and privacy-infringement that wouldn't be possible.



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