Wii Damage

Just found this blog courtesy of the WSJ, which seems to be extremely interested in all of the pain that the Wii is causing the American consumer. It's a little bit sparse and perhaps destined to be short-lived, but I thought this picture was great. The other picture of the kid with a mark across his face is also pretty priceless.


  1. Phil said...

    I've had mine for about 3 weeks now and still no injuries or damage to my property...
    I've had at least 20 people play it and they all seem to know better than to wildly swing their arms and/or spontaneously release the controller. Still, I am seriously considering getting some sort of plastic screen to place in front of my TV when Wii Sports are afoot.
    You coming home for the holidays? I'll be around, so hit me up. Hope you're doing well.  


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