In other news that I'm dumping in from my daily WSJ reading, parents are apparently sneaking away from their children to spend time with their Blackberries. Quoth the WSJ:

"The children of one New Jersey executive mandate that their mom ignore her mobile email from dinnertime until their bedtime. To get around their dictates, the mother hides the gadget in the bathroom, where she makes frequent trips before, during and after dinner. The kids "think I have a small bladder," she says. She declined to be named because she's afraid her 12- and 13-year-old children might discover her secret."

For many of us, this may sound a bit reminiscent of what we had to do to catch a cigarette. If you had particularly restrictive parents, you may have had to go to a friend's place to watch TV or play video games. This list could clearly be added to, but the point is that these are all things that are mainly associated with "fun," whereas a lot of Blackberry activity, at least among the people I know, is associated with "work." And much as I like my job, I really couldn't imagine sneaking out of bed to play around with Excel.

Here's the best part of the article:

"Elsa has hidden the BlackBerry on occasion -- Hohlt says she tried to flush it down the toilet last year... But Elsa also seems to recognize that it brings her mom comfort, not unlike a pacifier or security blanket. Recently, seeing her mom slumped on the couch after work, Elsa fished the BlackBerry from her mother's purse and brought it to her. "Mommy," she asked, "will this make you feel better?""

That's just messed up.



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