Ah, College

Students at Tarleton, a college in Texas, had a party on MLK Day where a bunch of white kids dressed up as gang members (or Aunt Jemima), ate fried chicken and drank malt liquor. If it was in the summer, I bet there would have been some watermelon too.

Of course, someone had to go and post photos on facebook. And then the president of the school's NAACP chapter had to find the photos and then send them to the smoking gun. And now a bunch of dumb kids that didn't know any better than to have their racial stereotyping party are all being revealed as either retards or bigots (not that the two descriptions are mutually exclusive).

The sad part is that I'm guessing that these people were spoofing stereotypes of black people and just thought that it would be a funny thing to do while they got hammered. Of course, this is in Texas, so I could be totally wrong.

Oops, did I just make a gross generalization?

Again, this comes courtesy of the Freakonomics blog.



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