A round of congratulations

This is somewhat overdue, but I just wanted to send out a round of congratulations to two people that are very close to me. The first round goes to my lovely girlfriend Pudge, who was recently accepted into Harvard Business School. The second round goes to my great friend AKA, who has just been admitted into the MIT Media Lab. Both of them have worked their butts off to get where they are and I can't think of anyone more deserving of admission. Congratulations to the both of you!

Humorous aside: Upon receiving her admission e-mail, Pudge only managed to read the first few words "After reviewing your application..." before concluding that the e-mail was in fact a rejection letter and closing it in sadness. She later gathered her wits, read the next few lines (the part that said she had been admitted), did a double take, and then began dancing. It took her several days before the full reality of her acceptance actually sank in.



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