Case study: Freakonomics blog

Following the quote about frictionless media consumption, I wanted to say one more thing.

I used to like the Freakonomics blog. Levitt's posts I tend to find particularly interesting, Dubner is sort of whatever. I stopped reading them a while ago. Why?

A) Truncated RSS feed, which happened when they moved to the NYTimes
B) Bloated posting habits

In B, I'm referring to the fact that they've juiced up the number of posts that they produce on a daily basis. This is a case in which quality has a very clear inverse relationship to quantity. Before, the only stupid posts that I had to filter out were Dubner's. Since then, they've added a random unnamed editor (Melissa Lafsky?) that posts random links and articles, some other economist (who might actually be reasonable, if I bothered to read his posts) and Jessica Hagy of indexed fame. I now have to jump many more hoops to get to the content that I want. Subsequently, I've stopped paying attention and drifted off to other sources.

WSJ, consider this your official warning.

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