Overheard by Felix Salmon at Portfolio.com:

Eric Feng of Hulu, on the digital innovation panel:

Media is an impulse business. It's foolish to expect that the user is going to climb mountains and cross hurdles to get to that content.

This is very broadly applicable. Clearly it's the driving force behind Hulu, which is delivering television content to people when, where, and how they want it. But it's also the reason why wsj.com should go free, it's the reason why RSS feeds should never be truncated, it's the reason why people are buying music on iTunes rather than at Amazon.

Damn straight. When Salmon says "broadly applicable," I think he should double down and say that it's "super directly applicable" to any media content available on the Internet. I'm basically drowning in Internet media these days. Much like a ruthless college admissions officer, the spread in my selection criteria is narrow to the point where I'm looking for just the slightest of reasons to off each of the many candidates for my attention.

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