Sorry guys

Been a little out of touch lately, my bad. Working on a project, pretending to be responsible in a not entirely convincing fashion. I'm finding it a little hard to muster up the energy to be the happy and productive person that I strive/pretend to be. I'm sure that guy will be back in a jiff. Random notes:

Just went to Mexico for four days. I look like a piece of shoe leather with glasses.

For any of you Laker fans out there, ouch. Last night's game must have been painful.

Two beautiful posts from AKA Media System and Harlo. They were written a while ago, but are certainly as true today as they were a month ago. Pudge, where my letter at?

Obama, congrats on clinching the nomination. Why is Hillary still grabbing more headlines than you are?

I just listen to hype machine all day now.

I think I may have to delete my Google Reader account, it may be killing my ability to work.

Have a great weekend everybody.

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