DNC - Day 1

I've been trying to watch the DNC coverage, but it's really, really boring. I personally don't care about Michelle Obama's life story. I don't care about how working class her background is. I don't care about how great of a mother she is. I'm sure she's a great person. But honestly, I'm not voting for her and don't feel the need to waste any time learning about her.

I'm sure that if I really, really thought about it, knowing something about her would probably tell me something more about what kind of President Obama would be. But I've already read the equivalent of many books about Obama. I really don't need to watch a highly produced video, listen to a crappy speech, and then listen to another (less crappy) speech just to find out some stuff about Michelle, through which I might indirectly learn some more stuff about Barack.

Democrats - get over trying to tell us your stupid stories and trying to relate to people that you're (probably) not going to relate to. If you really wanted people to relate to you, you should just get yourselves a reality TV show. All of this storytelling just smacks of marketing and crappy production values. It's like watching people pontificate at a job interview. I see people yawning in the audience, just like I'm yawning at home. BLAH.

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