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Hey team,

Every few days or so, I get an e-mail from Blogger letting me know that someone has posted a comment to this blog. They are never disqus comments though, meaning that they're on one of the super old posts. When these emails show up, I get momentarily excited. Maybe someone has chanced upon my blog and become so intrigued by my keen insights and trenchant wit that they were compelled to write a deep and thoughtful response! And in fact, many of them even start off with some very nice comment about how interesting my post was, and how they can't wait to read more on the topic.

And then I get to the signature, where I find out they're from an escort service. Sigh.

Even so, I have realized that I vaguely miss having people read things that I write, and then responding to them. So, here we are. Read my words. Love me. If you just pretend, that would also be totally cool.

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