The Primitives - Crash, '95 Mix

As many of you may have noticed, I have a hard time posting regularly. The main stumbling block has been lack of a clear objective. When you can write about anything, it suddenly becomes a somewhat overwhelming task to figure out what the one important thing is that you want to say for the day.

To rectify matters, one of the things that I'm going to try is to post a song each week. Unlike other music blogs though, where the purpose is mainly to show how cool and in tune you are with the latest band that no one's ever heard of, this will be mainly about recalling memories from way, way back when. I've always found that no single artistic medium has a more powerful hold over my memory than music. Just today, I was flipping through a CaseLogic CD book that I found in my room, and it was like finding a book of letters from old friends.

Getting straight to it, I think it fitting that this first post be about "Crash - The '95 Mix" (not the original Primitives version, which actually sounds oddly sad and atonal). This was the song that led me to purchase my first CD ever, The Dumb and Dumber Soundtrack. Some people might look at this and marvel over the irony of my first piece of musical property being so explicitly linked to blatant stupidity. Whatever, haters gonna hate.

When I first heard this song in '95, it was on the way to a friend's beach house, just as we were all piling in the car to go run around in the sand like decapitated chickens on PCP. On the way over, we literally blasted this song on extended repeat. I could say that my tastes have long since matured, and that I would never listen to such simplistic pop drivel. That would be a total lie. This song is pure pop awesomeness, unpolluted by all of the weird, angsty vibes that came after Nirvana hit the scene. Because really, when I think about my childhood, I would rather think about this song and running around in the sun than having long, stupid hair, wearing ugly flannel shirts, and not really understanding why this weird guy with straw blonde hair is always shouting.

The Primitives - Crash, '95 Mix

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