Weezer - Jamie

Won't be back from my friend's wedding until... not sure when, so just posting this now. Sometime during my freshman summer, I was taking summer classes at Berkeley. Not that I really needed them, but anything to keep busy, I guess. Either way, it was not the most exciting summer. The only thing that really held my attention was this one, tiny, bird-like girl that I made sure to sit very close to during each class. At this point in my life, the idea of approaching pretty girls that I didn't know still occupied the same mental space as jumping out of a plane; fun and interesting in theory, but likely to induce hyperventilation and soiled underpants in practice.

At some point, I managed to work up the courage to talk to her, and we eventually started what was to be my first (and only) summer fling. Although she dumped me the minute I left campus to go back to school, it was still a fun summer. One of the best parts was that she was really into poppy '90s emo rock music, with the obvious King of the Hill being Weezer. At that point, I had only really listened to the Sweater Song and Buddy Holly, having avoided the rest of the corpus because Weezer was the favorite band of this one kid in high school that I thought was super annoying. This negative association quickly vanished when it became clear that this really cute girl liked them. I have been a huge Weezer fan ever since.

The song below is one of my favorites, and was one of the first ones that I picked up, after getting past the Blue Album and Pinkerton, which were pretty much everywhere at that point. If you've ever heard a Weezer song, it sounds pretty much exactly like all the other ones. But it's still one of my favorites.

Weezer - Jamie

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